Vanessa Hunter , Designer / Founder of Celtini

Vanessa Hunter, Designer / Founder of Celtini

How it all started..

 1987 was the year when everything began. A little girl with name Vanessa was born.

She grown up with her parents and her brothers, - yes you heard only brothers.

Vanessa was a little girl that loved everything that sparkles. The best thing she knew about was to sit next to her mother and watch in her big jewelry box. For a little girl like this – it was huge. And if she was lucky she was able to have some of the jewelries to her own collection.

Every time Vanessa went to go shopping with her family, she always stood next to the jewelry section and she could stand there like forever, until it was time to go home again.

One christmas when Vanessa was around 5 years old she produced a ”jewerly case” for her mother made of only eggcartoon, paper and tape. It was made all of love. Her mother couldnt be happier, beause it looked so funny and was so cute at the same time.

One of her biggest rolemodels is her own mother who also introduced Audrey Hepburn for Vanessa like an inspirational role model. ”She always dressed so classy and was never shy to wear those special accessories like big statement earrings or other similar things” – her mother said.

Vanessa couldn't do anything else than just agree.



When Vanessa grown up she study many years like most of the kids do, and after high school she felt like she wanted to work with someting that inspired her more than a 9-5 work.

She wanted more from her life, beacuse one thing is sure, the time of your life and what you choose to put your effort into is more worh than all the money in the world.

Vanessa also thought that it was to much ”usual jeweleries”  she wanted someting that stand out more. That extra details or sparkle. Her first jewelry inspiration was the H-enamel bracelet from Hermes, it was so classy and special with the big H at the same time. Thats why Vanessa started to sketch with only paper and pen her first precious design – Bow Bracelet.

After that design, her collection started to grown , the business still growning and with Vanessas stubbornness she will never quit even though she have struggle and meet many obstacle on her way. Do you know why?

Because she love to create more than anything else, and thats why she created Celtini.

The brand Celtini is brand-protected and also created by Vanessa, with a personal touch.



When quality meets design

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Celtini is more than just a timeless brand but also a brand that gives confidence and dedication to our customers when it comes to service and quality in our products.

Quality is very important to us and therefore our jewelry is carefully handmade in brass. The plating we use is Rhodium plating and plated in 18k gold in a vacuum chamber (standard plating usually takes place in a bath for a few hours). It describes the clear difference regarding the quality of the plating.

Some of our jewelry also has the usual 18k gold / silver plating (this is included in the product description on these jewelry)

Our jewelry is made of components from several different countries around the world. We have spent several years working through several different manufacturers to get the best and most affordable quality of our jewelry.

All of our jewelry is of course nickel free and made with genuine Swarovski crystals and k9 crystals.