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Jewelry Care


Treat your jewelry with love

The plating is very durable but for optimum lifetime of the jewelery's quality we recommend the customers to follow the care advice.

We recommend that,

  • Avoid water and moisture on their jewelry to maintain as long a shelf life as possible.

  • When exercising, shower or contact with water or other liquids, we recommend that you remove the jewelry.

  • Avoid storing the jewelery in the bathroom or in other humid environments.

  • Always keep the jewelery in its jewelry packaging / box to protect the jewelry when not in use.

  • For extra luster and shine, it is excellent to clean up the jewelry with a silkcloth.

Last but not least treat your jewelry with love. Xoxo / Celtini


“I’ve never thought of my jewelry as thropies. I’m here to take care of it and to love it, for we are only temporarly custodians of beauty”

Elizabeth Taylor