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Customize your color

We can offer you to choose the customized color you want for your Celtini jewelry based on Swarovski's color chart. An additional cost to cover the cost of crystal as well as customs and shipping. The cost can vary depending on the shape you choose on the crystal and the number. The delivery time is then about 2-3 weeks (for swedish customers) (for international customers approximately 3-4 weeks) since the crystals are ordered from our supplier in England who is authorized reseller for Swarovski. Then they in turn order the crystals from Swarovski in Austria and then the crystals are sent to us. As soon as we receive the crystals from our supplier, we attach the Swarovski crystals in your Celtini jewelry and then send away your customized orders. Open purchase does not apply to custom-made products because it is a special order.


We design,

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Choose from a range of sparkling, colorful Swarovski crystals. Customized just for you!


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